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  • TDM and Donnie Cox

    I see one brave woman in court today. She is our friend and we will see her get justice. .. The mornings testimony started with the plaintiff Lina taking the stand once again. We had ended a day ago with social services calling the plaintiff into aTDM [team decision meeting] where testimony ended with them taking the baby from Lina's custody. Today, it was upsetting to listen to the truthful testimony of the mother Lina BEGGING various social workers not to take her baby. Sounds like a very biased meeting when ss workers only write the fathers strengths on a white board and intentionally provoke mother and her parents. The reason they told her they took the baby was that he (the baby) was not thriving in her care. So 72 hours later and we all know how those 72 hours go. ....Lina and family, including newly married father (who's first day thought of child was to abort) show up at Edelmans court for the detention hearing.... Here we find the very critical detention report which clearly states that, "mother willfully and intentionally kept food from baby resulting in failure to thrive (ftt)". Another allegation had father failing to protect baby but that was later crossed out by the county. If that isn't intentional maliciousness then i don't know what is. ...and that game the social workers play, working people into a frenzy, working the meeting up into a frenzy, so that they have an condition to swoop in and steal kids. I'm real familiar with that trick. Aren't you? Today there was one ss worker there so far (edit, turns out the new one is a lawyer). Judge wanted Lina to have a break so the next witness was here. His name is Donnie, like Robert Powell. Shawn is pulling out all the guns on these guys and gee I'm just lucky to get to witness some justice and a victim being made WHOLE again. Donnie Cox testimony was freaking fantastic and strong as hell. Have so much more info on him to tell you that will be helpful, but got to go in and watch the rest of the day.

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  • Last Trial Note of the Week

    Last Trial Note of the Week: The jury is out until Tuesday, they are free! Got out a little early and there's no court for jurors tomorrow or for that weird holiday on Monday. You know every time the jurors come in and out of the courtroom, everyone has to stand up and face them and I found there was a lot of non jury action going on in the court room this week between parties. The plaintiff and defense still argue about what can be presented, etc. outside of the juries eyes and ears to the judge. Trial is a lot of work, i think one day Shawn had to leave early to go write up some points and authorities for the days close on one day, so there's much work besides judging going on. There's an entire team working on the trial, Shawn, Prager, King, Chung and Paris and a number of paralegals flittering and flowing around like little butterflies. The other side has about 5 lawyers as well, in and out but the two main lawyers, Gutteres and Chrissy Swiss for the county. I think this is their specialty, defending LA County. Donnie Cox testified late morning. Boy is he good with the words, clear and succinct. He was lead counsel for the Wallace v Spence case (sp), a case that seemed to jump start this growing industry. He specializes, like Shawn, in Civil Rights Law, particularly the 4th amendment (when children are removed without just cause) and the 14th amendment (the right to familial association). He has brought 15-18 wrongful claims to the court that bring to light JUDICIAL DECEPTION and FABRICATION OF EVIDENCE. The first claim was in 2001, he is in Oceanside, Ca. The interesting thing is that he said he gets 10-15 calls per week regarding these types of abuses/lawsuits............and the interesting part is that he takes one case in every 750 cases he hears. Yep, that's 1/750. That's a lot of abuse and civil rights being violated out there. Did you know DCFS supervisor Kim Rogers is involved in another one of these lawsuits as a defendant? Failing to include exculpatory evidence is justification for a claim and common to these cases. He spoke of the Child Abuse Central Index (caci) run by the state Dept. of Justice (DOJ) and said it's a SCARLET LETTER. He said there were two ways to get off the Caci list, one way was to have a "Gomez Hearing", where a hearing officer appointed by social services hears the case and makes judgment. Donnie Cox has never seen or heard of a successful Gomez Hearing. go figure. He forgot to say the second way you can get off the CACI list but it's probably by dying or waiting 100 years. One thing I learned today is that not only are WE listed on the CACI but he said that our children, the supposed VICTIMS are on the child abuse index as well. I'm not sure I heard that right, but yep I did, your children are on this list. He would know, he helped write the appeal in Esther Boyton's Humphries case this last year. Well, that's it for the week. Lina went to her monitored visit in the middle of the afternoon, so we will resume on Tuesday after you guys celebrate that evil Columbus day on Monday, haha

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  • CDSS only Tracks; Paper Tiger Civil Rights at State Level

    I guess they will continue the questioning of the plaintiff Lina on some other day. I doubt they are done and the defendants haven't had a chance to cross her yet. Today i learned in court that the state, California, or CDSS (California department of social services) does not enforce or investigate civil rights claims at all. All they do is assign a claim number and TRACK the case. They can send the file back to county level civil rights units for completion, but they have no decision making duties or powers. I have no idea why that seemed to take all afternoon to say. Even though the state can agree with findings, it doesn't matter because ultimate authority rests with the head snake Lynne Condon!@county level. So in essence and reality, Lynn Condon and no one else in the world gets to decide whether civil rights violations are broken. That's ducking scary. (someone get me a picture please) Also, if someone does NOT have a disability and the agency treats them as if they do or had the perspective that they have a disability, and they suffer discrimination, as Lina did in this case, then that would be a violation of civil rights based on discrimination. She was discriminated against and treated unfairly because they labeled her as having mbp, Munchausen by proxy...and...treated her differently, .in addition to the other abuses i mentioned the other days. The state civil worker, Jaime Uriquizo, had no idea that Linas case had been reversed until a few years later. 3 addendum reports negating the abuse was placed in the file at later dates by the county without the state worker even knowing. Now i call that corruption. ..cdss is impotent. ..and county corrupt as hell.

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  • Lina's Start Testimony

    lunchtime pink
    This mornings testimony started with Lina and we are still there with her. It's lunch but you know it was an emotional morning for lina and emotional for the mothers in the audience we're going back now to hear more testimony and hear the defense question Lina. The courtroom was filled with an unusual amount of social workers there were four there they were smug until the morning break.

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  • Hochstein can no longer substantiate


    The afternoon was spent listening to "readings of depositions" by Lina's team of lawyers. They read the deposition of agent Hochstein, the civil rights department employee who substantiated that Lina's civil rights were indeed violated. The afternoon was spent listening to a reading about how Hochstein got pulled into a meeting and was no longer allowed to substantiate anything without notifying LYNNE CONDON (the head of the snake). Sounds like Lynne had a fit that the civil rights office, which was set up by a FEDERAL law, had the nerve to make a decision without those four civil rights workers?, you know what they do now?, they just take the complaints....and forward them to the head snake LYNNE CONDON. Agent Hochstein spent over FOUR hours talking/discussing/meeting with LYNNE about the LINA DUVAL case. That's a long time, but I guess they had to spend the time to make up the larger story and the larger story is.......that agent HOCHSTEIN was wrong about the substantiation!! They now consider it an interpretation error and LYNNE demanded/wanted the "findings" amended!!! And she did get them amended with the collusion of another county worker, dr. sanders.... Dr. Sanders has no balls and amended the report to say that Lina's rights had NOT been violated. While the county was in the midst of amending their report, gathering cowardly colleagues to back up their corruption, LINA DUVAL never received a letter that said the charges were reversed. That proves civil rights complaints are just a bunch of shyt when it comes to LA COUNTY. Please start complaining to the FEDS. After that depo reading, Prager (shawn team lawyer) and Kimber also did a reading of agent Hochstein. Lina's got good lawyers, Prager, King and Shawn....

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