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  • Trial part is over. Both sides rested.

    Trial part is over. Both sides rested. Ms Pender, in the wheel chair, finished her testimony this morning. Shawn crossed her and again had some problems just getting simple yes or no's from her.

    "I did not SEIZE him at the TDM. I took him into protective custody! "

    Pender tried to lie by saying that dr evans was leaning towards saying that baby Ryan's ftt (failure to thrive) was environmental when she talked to him on the phone Nov 2nd. 2009, the day before they stole Lina's baby.

    Up until January of 2010, la county didn't give trainings on warrant seizures.
    The funniest part of the morning was when Shawn had Pender on cross asking her about her alleged phone call to Dr. GIL. Pender claims to have spoken to Dr. GIL. and wrote statements that dr GIL allegedly made regarding Lina and her baby. At the same time she was making these statements about the phone call, Shawn had placed Dr. GiL's signed statement on the projector which stated he had NEVER had a telephone conversation with anyone from DCFS or received any such call.

    That was freaking great.

    Pender remembers things erratically. She was questioned why she made contact notes with everyone except the Dr. And his damaging testimony between November 2nd and fifth. It was apparent Pender made some s/hit up.

    There were also no contact notes from Dr. Egge either. Wendy Krump told Pender that she was having trouble with both parents and Pender only reported that the trouble was with the mother only.


    Joi Russell looks like a sock puppet. Possible muppet invasion going on. She was the color of a muppet too. All of her opinions were of course in favor of the county. Superman Prager did the cross on Joi, she was upset he told her to read the whole detention report to herself. This was her first time being used as an expert witness in trial.

    The county is paying Joi $350 an hour for her testimony. Prager found that Joi either LIED or misspoke about exactly when she found out about this Duval case. She told the county it was 2013 but really it was 2010.

    To Joi: Is it true that when dr. Berkowitz testified at trial , that she testified that baby Ryan was at NO RISK OF GREAT BODILY INJURY?
    JOI: "That was a MEDICAL point of view!"


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  • Watch out for Ambitious Nutritionists!

    Watch Out for Ambitious Nutritionists!

    Wendy Crump is a registered dietitian and her gravelly voice sounds like shes smoked for all of her life. She saw baby Ryan at 14 months and spoke about what baby was needing and referred what the baby needed to eat in order to gain weight. She said the baby looked small for his age, was quiet and made absolutely no noises.

    "Uh, its a sheet i give patients to gain weight. "

    She recalls Lina and Mills arguing during the visit, but not anything said. She took baby ryans last 24 hours of foods intake.

    She wrote failure to thrive (ftt)on her paperwork and claims No one told her baby Ryan had ftt.

    A FEW DAYS after she saw baby Ryan she called the social services hotline, said baby was severely underweight, parents were in a custody battle and concerned child has ftt.

    She saw baby Ryan a second time, and then again after he was seized and also submitted a scar (suspected child abuse report) report. At the second meeting with the baby and parents she had the parents fill out a diet intake sheet. Among-st the sheet Lina filled out was, rice pudding, cheerios, cucumber, peach, cream of wheat, 1/2 apple, quesadilla and water. ....and 3/4ths piece of Costco pizza.

    Mr. Mills took the nutritionist aside the second time and told her that he cannot verify what Lina is feeding the baby, that it could be used against him and also told her that Lina brought the baby to a doctor and had him stripped down looking for bruises. Wendy Krump, nutritionist, did not share these details with lina... but shared them with Pender of dcfs.

    In her two page declaration, requested and written by the defense, she said that Lina was OVERINFLATING the baby's food intake because she didn't believe the baby could eat the pizza. She also claimed Lina was not feeding the baby enough. She did not mention the list of foods Lina gave her in her report nor did she mention that the baby had seen a pediatrician. She claims to have reviewed records but had no clue what a regional center was...they included a report.

    Crump attended the TDM (team decision meeting) but doesn't recall saying anything during the 3 to 4 hour meeting but stayed long enough for someone else to pick up her own children after school.

    She signed the sworn declaration for ms swiss in 2014.

    The nutritionist reviewed the doctors notes. I have no idea why anyone would want a nutritionist to do this. On cross, the nutritionist said she has no idea what Allerigic Rhinatitis is or Mucosal Conjunctivitis...the nutritionist just took the info from Pender and wrote it in a report.


    Scheele was questioned on why she did not write the word happy on any of Lina's part of the report. Scheele said:

    "I don't use the word Happy!"

    Then Shawn led her through a series of notes she took while the father had baby Ryan in his custody and she used the word "Happy" when describing the baby and the father on at least 3 occasions. When describing Lina's interactions with the baby she never mentioned the mother being happy, even though she had peer notes from other visitation monitors that expressed this. Those never made it into any report.

    DEFENSE is OBJECTING but now guessing the GROUNDS for the OBJECTION, oh how fun that is.....what a big laugh. not.


    Elba has worked for 17 years at DCFS. She works in the IDC department, stands for Intake and Detention Control Unit. Basically she sits around and creates the PETITION FOR CUSTODY from the detention reports, attachments and other notes. She is responsible for coming up with the ALLEGATIONS.

    She alledged WIC b(1), WIC b(2) and WIC e(1). WIC e(1) is severe physical abuse. She also writes the ADDENDUM REPORT which is the recommendations the Department wants. In this case they wanted no re-unification based on e(1) charge, severe physical abuse.

    Shawn showed her an exhibit in which a specialist filled out a form noting that there was NO severe physical abuse. Elba became frustrated again about that and claimed to have not seen that filled out form. She told Shawn that she was REQUIRED to make that recommendation to the court.

    Shawn showed her the Is your kid an American Indian question form that ALL parents are supposed to get, it says, in part:

    "I have asked parent about Indian ancestry....."

    Elba admitted that the "I" in that statement was not her as she did not ask anyone about their ancestry. She said the "I" in this statement, meant the department. (in totality...) This took a while to get out of her.

    Then Shawn showed her another statement on the report that says:

    "I declare under penalty of perjury......"

    Elba declared that this "I" meant herself personally, that she swears to the then Shawn went back to the "I" in the first statement and Elba Pinedo started to get frustrated and tried to justify her answers by saying that, "The court at Edelman's understands what it means..."

    Elba Pinedo wrote that Lina WILLFULLY AND INTENTIONALLY FAILED TO PROPERLY FEED her baby. When questioned about having evidence to write that statement, she said she got all her information from Pender. Elba Pinedo also lied and wrote on her report under penalty of perjury that Dr. Gil stated that the main reason the child was dismissed was because "directives were not being followed by the mother".

    Dr. Gil wrote no such thing, ever.

    After that, Elba Pinedo didn't recall much.


    Joi was a deputy director of DCFS, her boss was the Chief Deputy Director and the chiefs only boss is the director, Phillip Browning. Joi had 6 peers that were deputized head child thieves...probably one for each SPA. She left dcfs in 2011.

    Joi Russell told everyone at court that, "As social workers, we don't have to prove, we just have to believe".

    Joi Russell also talked a lot of shit about Julian Dominguez . I couldn't figure out why she went on and on about this guy and claimed he only worked for DCFS intake worker for 18 months and only had 2 detentions. (way to go Julian.. :-) )

    Joi said that they have a union.... that wouldn't allow for disciplining employees?

    Then it was 430 and the judge told the jury not to come in tomorrow until 9:30. I heard them talking about jury forms and instructions (the lawyers) and I guess they have to take care of that whole motion to deny a non suit tomorrow. Don Saxton probably knows more on what that is. A few more days and I think the trial will be wrapped up by the weekend. deadfosterbaby

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  • Lots to say today.

    Lots to say today. The defense is trying to get the judge to throw out some of the claims based on discrimination. They are claiming that Lina is not on the state dept of justice CACI list (child abuse central index) even though her being on it is state law. They are claiming that she has not presented any evidence of harm because she is not on that list. We wonder how she got off that list. ..something very fishy is going on. Judge at first denied defense motion to grant non suit. Look at 10.18.16 testimony.

    Then came the nutritionist who is on the stand now. She's turning out to be quite the dcfs helper and liar. She was called by the defense and it turns out her damaging declaration was written and sent over by chrissy smith to just sign....she didn't write it. More later. usat lunch

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  • No jurors for Friday


    No jurors for Friday (tomorrow) so this may be the last post of the week. One juror was let go today and I learned that this is the 25th day of this trial. Another juror was let go a few days ago too, so one of the 3 remaining alternates filled the spot. I think they were let go because the judge realized that the trial is longer than he thought it was going to be. It will be a miracle if the trial is done by next Friday...but it won't be.

    I walked in this morning to a feisty regional administrator who Shawn was questioning. They were going over training slides on the big projector so that the jury could see. She admitted the first training on warrant requirements in order to SEIZE children in Los Angeles was December 21, 2009. That seemed a little difficult to extract from her....

    There was another slide that Shawn put up on the screen that said CSW's CAN ACT WITHOUT a warrant if CSW has Reasonable cause to believe:

    +the child is in imminent danger or
    +will suffer bodily injury

    Then he asked if csw's (ss workers) are trained to use "specific and articulable" evidence when SEIZING children. Ms. feisty regional administrator said, "We don't use that language!", when asked about about SEIZING a child.

    So I guess they're trained in some other language than the one they use in practice. Seems to me they don't like that word SEIZE...they'd rather have the public believe they are helping children, not participating in destroying families for profit, like they do.

    "Social workers are not lawyers." Federal and state law require social workers to be trained in the law.

    Next, ms swiss called Candis Nelson to the stand. She was the social worker investigator assigned to the case after the county filed their petition to steal the baby from Lina and give him to the father. She explained she is the assigned worker for icwa notices and 366.26 (permanency hearings) and adoption hearings that occur in cases. Today she is a social worker supervisor. Tika Smith was her supervisor back when they stole Lina's baby.

    Then the court house had an earthquake fire alarm so we all had to leave for about 30 minutes.

    Candis' use of last minute reports was standard in Lina's case. You know, those last minute reports they send over, especially when they want to destroy a person. I had one of those too and they are extremely damaging because they tell the court that nothing else really matters EXCEPT this last bit of information. Lina had at least FOUR last minute reports, almost every time there was a court date, Candis would send one over....

    One report said they had "concerns" with Lina being "overbearing" with her baby. (not kidding) Another said the physical therapist said the baby had gained some weight. A third made Lina's right to request an assessment for her baby a fucking federal crime, as if that was the abuse!....oh look here judge, this mother is actually attempting to have another doctor, besides our county paid court whore doctors, assess her baby!! I think much of these last minute reports weren't really last minute but gives the court a great excuse to abuse families even more. DCFS is responsible for that.

    I think they misrepresented baby Ryan's natural development with progress.

    By July 2010, Candis knew she was being investigated for civil rights violations on Lina Duval. It was a discrimination complaint that was SUBSTANTIATED by the county. Candis Nelson continued writing her reports to the court and failed to mention that she had been found GUILTY of violating Lina's civil rights.

    When the lawyer Shawn asked her about that, Candis said that because the paper said "Confidential" on it, she did not let the court know of the substantiated discrimination complaint.

    Shawn asked her if in her training she was told she could be personally sued if she failed to disclose exculpatory information in her reports. DCFS leaves it up to the social worker to "pick and choose" what goes into their reports. Candis denied recalling any specific training on including exculpatory evidence in the reports and said that, "We have to make decisions about what goes into a report or what does not go into a report".

    Sounds like the fucking wild west in DCFS, letting these people exclude whatever they like. Part of the Core Academy Training 2004 (which Candis took):

    1 Include Everything
    2 Nothing is too trivial or important to WRITE in reports
    3 If it's not in the report, then it didn't happen!
    4 Spend time addressing every child
    5 Write Honestly, Objectively and Professionally

    She wrote that the mother was "smothering" the child.

    After lunch, the court raised the dead and brought in the county counsel lawyer who was on Lina's case at the time. Her name is Robbie Work. She is 4.5 months retired. She was the trial attorney for the case for the county. She worked plantation 414 for 16 years and knows everything about Commissioner Marilyn Martinez, the judge who tried the case. She knew so much that she actually started testifying to the internal thoughts of Martinez the judge, what she WOULD have or WOULDN'T have done.

    She claimed the judge read every page of every report EVER issued to her in the court room. She claimed this judge was one of the most diligent judges ever. (like how would she know if she spent 16 years with the same judge?)....

    I thought this lady had too much coffee. When answering a question, "We are very friendly in dependency court"....she said. I thought this was really disgusting because the entire court, defense, offense, jury and some audience LAUGHED about that statement, even the judge was smiling, in fact, everyone was smiling over it!!! and it wasn't the truth that was funny about it..... It was more like everyone cackling because they know the opposite is true, but yep, they all had a good laugh at our expense. I don't know how other to take it.....(systemic corruption?)

    Did you know the burden of proof is on the government?

    It's "Standard Practice" for social workers to NOT speak to any medical providers when writing reports. That makes sense so social workers can write whatever they feel, without the truth appearing. They allow social workers to pick and choose evidence from medical reports and summarize the paperwork.

    Ms. Robbie Work testified that Lina's case was an open and shut case and she shouldn't have even been provided re-unification services. She claims that Lina's case should have been bypassed and no services given to the mother.

    I guess I would stick with that too, there's no where else to go on this....cause anywhere else leads to the fact that this agency and the people they use are corrupt, that they have damaged many innocent people and owe many citizens and families reparations. It's people like Robbie Work who make me sick, I forgot what they called them back in the day....she was the opposite of a civil rights lawyer. She's a civil rights destroyer....but we don't have to worry about her much longer.

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  • Wednesday afternoon session began with Victoria Scheele...
    Wednesday afternoon session began with Victoria Scheele, the social worker/visitation monitor assigned to harass Lina. She came off as a really cold bitch and as time went by this afternoon, I think she was just hanging herself.

    She described a list of complaints she had written about Lina and her child visiting and the further she got into it, the worse it got FOR HER!!:

    -While observing Lina's 90 minute visits, Scheele tried to describe some of the things she wrote, she said Lina was very rigid, she said Lina wouldn't allow the baby to "free play". She described having to intervene on Lina's visit after watching the baby crawl under a desk and she took it upon herself to "talk to" Lina because Lina did not let the baby crawl out from under the desk on his own. She suggested to put him down and then just told Lina to put him down.

    That was just the start for her and it got worse. The audience and other victims in the crowd I think wanted to kill her too...but I think we may have realized that she is just hanging herself. The more she talked, the more she lied and the more the fakeness came out... so we laughed at her, hanging herself.

    She made it as difficult as possible on Prager (team Shawn) to get any answer out of her. She's another one that just has to have control and she absolutely didn't like it when Prager told her to do something. She works in Orange County DCFS now.

    Scheele had a big problem with Lina bringing pasta to the visit and reported it because the pasta didn't have meat or cheese in it? She was afterwards limited to what the baby's father brought to the visits. Wonder how that happened Ms. Scheele? This is the hired bitch DCFS puts on parents to harass them. We all know the type.

    Chrissy Swiss is still trying to work some magic but failed. One of her last questions to Scheele was telling her that Lina alleged that she has called her (Lina) a cow. Ms. Liar Scheele absolutely denied that and laughed and said I would never call a client that!!!

    I knew she was lying and so did everyone else in the audience. There are many of us who know what they say and do to harass parents while visiting on their grounds. Ms. Swiss is either stupid or just wanted to blow smoke because we all knew Scheele asked Lina if she felt like a cow, because she was breastfeeding at the time. It's a pretty standard harassment for a ss worker to ask that and compare animals to mothers. It was done to myself but with a different animal. Must be in their bitch training.

    The jury didn't believe anything she said, even I was getting looks from them, especially after Scheele started laughing and said that she never laughed or something at visits and that this was a very serious situation....(as she was smiling broad and giggling even....) LOL.

    Her LIE-ers Chrissy Smith purposely asked that Scheele called Lina directly a cow when only days ago through testimony we found Lina told us that Scheele asked her if she "felt like a cow" because she was breastfeeding. Scheele giggled and denied it as if she were horrified at the thought.

    Lina took her baby to a previously scheduled specialist a couple months after they stole her baby and guess who went with her? And guess who wouldn't allow mom to talk to the doctor about her baby, instead interrupting and giving her opinion of the baby? Yep, that was Scheele, she was already long lost to the liars club when this came up. Scheele took offense when Lina didn't say that the county facility failure to thrive was seeing baby Ryan as a specialist type. I wouldn't either when you know this same facility is the paid bitch to DCFS....

    So there Scheele is again, up in her face harassing the mother. Ms. Scheele didn't know that DCFS has a form to aid visitors who speak other languages.

    >Oh and Ms. Scheele tried her darndest to make therapist Robert Budine look horrible. She denied or didn't remember ever making any of the statements to Lina's therapist about "it not ending well", etc.. She also kept saying that therapist Budine was a "truth seeker", with a little giggle on the end and she held up her fingers making the quote sign. I think she thought she was trying to make him look bad by saying that. She made sure she said it again later. She also told the therapist that she was concerned that Lina was not excited to see her child developing...

    Basically we had a LIE-er witness for the afternoon.... Scheele did not help herself at all. If I were the defense I would have kept her away too, like they did with Pender. Pender was so fucking pathetic I had to run to the bathroom and vomit. She only lasted 19 minutes and 17 minutes of that was spent not understanding the questions.

    Scheele held up court for about an hour because she didn't know the difference between a spanish speaking and bilingual monitor. She wanted to argue in a smiley passive way. She told Lina that they have no spanish monitors to monitor visits and said Lina did not ever request a spanish monitor.

    Later this blonde monster, over 60 for sure, wrote in her notes and reports that Lina overwhelmed the baby with hugs and kisses, was not happy to see baby Ryan develop and that Lina was "smothering the baby with excessive attention". I think that's another place I noticed the jury laughing. awkward

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  • Oh good I have time to post today...
    Oh good I have time to post today we started out with the testimony of Miss Susan Pender she has worked for the County of Los Angeles for nine years as a social worker. She is the subordinate to miss Kimberly Rogers the supervising social worker. Miss Pender is now in a wheelchair and seems to have trouble with the left side of her body. After 19 minutes ms pender could not continue, something about back spasms. they moved on to Kimberly Rogers, her boss. Did you know the county only has 30 days to edit there CMS DSL notes? County social workers are required by state and county law to be truthful factual and complete in their reports. Mr. King continued with the testimony of Kimberly Rogers. And showed her lots of training was entitled the 5 commandments.,...another told the social workers to write honestly objectively and professionally. Kimberly referred to the parent as an alleged perpetrator. Federal and state law require you to be trained on the law. Linas family scored a moderate risk on the risk assessment, but after removal, ms pender applied an override that justified stealing linas child. Going back in for more.
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  • Tuesday Morning, October 18th, started off with Mr. Mills.....
    idontremember Tuesday Morning, October 18th, started off with Mr. Mills again on the stand testifying for the defense. They didn't finish last week but they did today. Today he acted the same way, very I don't recallish. He can't remember. Shawn showed him about 7 dates, maybe more of the doctor's notes that indicate that Dr. Allison Yim had contacted Mr. Mills, discussed various treatments and future appointments. It's good these doctors note everything they talked about on their patients. We saw on the screen that the doctor wrote that Lina, the mother wanted to start baby Ryan on solid foods, that was in March of 2009, when baby Ryan was a little over 5 months.... We also saw Lina feeding him avacados, bananas, turkey, chicken, squash, corn, prunes, breastmilk and prunes dipped in olive oil. Sure sounds like he was being fed solid food to me at the very latest in April it was reported...but the notes say March. So we look at all these doctor notes which include contact with Mr. Mills, March 16th, March 31st, April 30th, June 5th, June 22nd, June 25th and a telephone convo with dad on June 17th as well. There was lots of info about baby Ryan discussed.

    alienssworkerMr. Mills told Shawn he doesn't remember anything.....

    I guess the selective memory doesn't serve his side of the argument in which he claims that Lina tried to kill her son and even told her 7 year old son that. Some of the notes and questions seemed redundant to me, but that redundancy served a good point. Spent most of the morning going over dates and conversations that Mr. Mills says he doesn't remember....

    On June 5th, Dad was concerned that baby Ryan was coming to see the doctor excessively and told Dr. Yim that. Dr. Yim documented this and assured Mr. Mills that the baby's appointments were appropriate.

    Less than 5 months later, the Department of Children and Family Services of Los Angeles, removed Lina's baby from her care after a TDM and accused her of not feeding her child and having Munchausens By Proxy.

    During the 7 months leading up to the removal, Mr. Mills fought with Lina over her choice of doctors. First he didn't like the doctor because the doctor was an osteopath, just like the medical director of dcfs, charles sophy. Then he said the doctors were too far for him to they could not get a doctor right away, mind you, this is all while baby Ryan is in the first year of his life and behind in development, way behind. Later, DCFS would accuse Lina of being medically negligent due this short period where baby Ryan didn't have a doctor....making no mention of the father rejecting at least 2 chosen doctors.

    Mr. Mills did stuff like this....after hearing the baby needed a doctor, he called up the regional center in Long Beach and made an appointment and then told Lina. As you may know, regional centers base their facilities on where the patient lives....this was not the regional center servicing Lina's area, but that didn't matter to Mr. Mills because all he wanted to report was that Lina wouldn't take the baby to the doctor....and did.

    They had to find a doctor because Dr. Yim would not see baby Ryan due to parent discourse. Somehow that was converted to "Lina is refusing to feed her child" by November.....

    Mr. Mills told Ms. Pender that everything wrong with the baby was Lina's fault. Mr. Mills claims not to remember anything, not even phone calls or emails from Lina Duval during the 7 months prior to removing the baby....but this morning he was practically begging to see the emails where he communicated with everyone.

    The doctors notes do not say that at all, but if you wanted them to say that, just send the baby over to county paid Harbor UCI, which is the County paid failure to thrive clinic. My opinion is that they hire junkies and whack jobs and is the clinic DCFS goes to when they want something.....

    And that was made clear by the lawyer Shawn today. this morning.

    The afternoon was spent with Mr. King (team Shawn) eliciting testimony from Kimberly Rogers, supervising social worker.

    I think Kimberly Rogers carries a badge. I'm serious. Like she thinks a cop. One item that struck me about her testimony is that is that she used all the correct words to describe what was going on. She could talk your ear off with her "concerns" about whatever it is she wants. It was obvious she didn't know what the word Exigency was and used that WORD like it was the magic wand to remove children. She even exclaimed at one point, "We had exigency!", but still couldn't define the word. It reminded me of how prisoners talk after doing a long stint in jail, they got all these big words they use, but have absolutely no idea what they mean.

    King showed her the actual training slides used in her trainings by DCFS. One of the statements on their own training says that:

    Serious Does Not Always = Exigency

    King walked her through the documentation she must do to prove exigency and it wasn't there....again, just another big word they give these slick people to throw at you. She had no idea what it meant.

    Kimberly's Definition of Exculpatory Evidence was "Evidence that would prove someone not guilty"..... Kimberly Rogers approved a detention report that stated Lina FAILED to feed her child even though no one told her this was true. Kimberly Rogers wrote that it was Lina's behavior that caused the doctor to move on, when that is not at all what the doctor wrote. Kimberly Roger, supervising social worker complained all day about the "way" Mr. King was asking questions.

    It was most definitely after Lina's dad called Ms. Pender "white trash" when Kimberly Rogers and Pender left the room and decided to remove Lina's baby.

    The appellate lawyer who sits in the audience is trying to clean up Kimberly Rogers today. Too late....everyone saw it today and was laughing at them. :-)

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  • Week 4, Duval v LaCounty

    Week 4, Duval v LaCounty, 111 N.Hill, dpt 89, 5th floor, judge McLaughlin. 9 to 430 every day. Root for Duval, a win for all parents..

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  • It's about time someone sued DCFS...
    It's about time someone sued the Dept. of Children & Family services of Los Angeles and it's incompetent lying social workers who carry on a tradition of "Judicial Deception" with the courts with their arbitrary and capricious, evidence omitting decisions. I have been in court all week and it's absolutely HORRENDOUS to hear the details of how Los Angeles' very own LYNNE CONDON squashed a federally funded and SUBSTANTIATED civil rights complaint against these social workers by the complaintant and plaintiff Ms. Duval. I think the feds might be interested in who exactly is running the civil rights unit and how their "off the books" procedures have again violated Ms. Duval's civil rights by denying her any appellate rights!

    Not only that but the DCFS of LA County removes children without a warrant which violates the 4th and 14th amendment which states that you cannot remove children from families barring exigent circumstances, which means a risk of imminent death or physical harm!! Los Angeles removes approximately 300 children per week WITHOUT A WARRANT and has a 99% civil conviction rate! Their policy of everybody being guilty combined with rogue untrained social workers and a corrupt children's court brings in a lot of federal dollars. This is yet another case where government social workers persecute a parent based on their own ineptness, in this case accusing Ms. Duval of having Munchausen's By Proxy....a serious disease that is rarely diagnosed by the medical professions let alone your average la county worker. After diagnosing Ms.Duval with munchausen's disease, the social workers then removed her child, placed her on monitored visitations for 3 hours a week for the last EIGHT years and gave him to the father who testified his relationship with the mother was a "war". It was interesting to note how this same father testified last week that when his home received a referral from a doctor while in his care, DCFS and the police showed up to his home and pointed guns on his new wife and new baby!! Had dcfs and the police shot this man, he'd be suing the department now!!

    You know it's bad when you see the CZAR of Los Angeles Child Protection Office testify to the fact that his concern for the social workers when writing detention reports is that they include facts that justify the removals. It's about time LADCFS pay and learn from it's mistakes, instead of rewarding this whining community of social worker administrators with more money when they screw up (Gabriel Fernandez), we should be insisting that the only remedy out there for these families be JUST and send a message to LA County. We are glad that attorney Shawn Mcmillan has decided to tackle this issue in Los Angeles. He is straightening out Orange County and is an outstanding civil rights attorney. LA County commits JUDICIAL DECEPTION daily by withholding exculpatory evidence from the courts at Edelman's!!! Link to Article

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  • Thursday afternoon we heard live testimony from a Ryan Mills, the father....
    Thursday afternoon we heard live testimony from a Ryan Mills, the father of baby Ryan. He's a financial planner, oh wait, he's a GOVERNMENT financial planner....need i say more?

    Now talk about EMPTY HEADED and trying to con someone, well this one tries very hard. He testified that he asked Lina to abort baby Ryan when he found out that she was pregnant. He told us that he was just in "shock" when he found out she was pregnant because she told him "don't worry I can't get medically pregnant". He used that phrase a couple times while describing the shock of it all, "medically pregnant", he described he was still in shock AFTER (9+ months) she had the baby because he just couldn't believe it! That was very difficult for some of us in the audience to believe. No air of responsibility whatsoever, it was cause SHE SAID!!

    And he was just overwhelmed and shocked I guess for over a year, he took his emptyheaded shock aura with him when she told him that she wanted to do "attachment parenting" after the baby was born. I didn't believe him because he said even after the baby was born, he was still in this state of "shock" and he was still "trying to figure out what my role was"......after a whole pregnancy, delivery and discharge and well into February of 2009, this guy still doesn't know where he stands?.............right.

    Mr. Mills got married 3 weeks before DCFS stole Lina's baby and gave him to him.....he even acted like a victim here too.

    Mr. Mills didn't want Lina to do attachment parenting because there was a "concern" that Lina could pick and choose what the baby could be attached to.....(he said that)

    He still claimed he was in "shock" in June of 2010. I think his coach overdid it on the "shock" thing because he came off as retarded or emptyheaded, acting detached or unaware or air headed. to me, anyways.

    This man has a selective memory. I wonder what he's going to tell everyone when the big judgment comes out and LADCFS has to pay her millions of dollars? hahahahaha!

    I bet he will be pissed! He's just that kind of man. He described his relationship with Lina as a "WAR" (they met in church) and when Lina had to give her baby to him, he won. He didn't say the part about winning, but he did say it was a WAR a few times...enough to get the picture. People at war aren't that stupid or forgetful.

    The guy kept it together, trying to appear levelheaded and calm and only became SELF RIGHTEOUS and ANGRY when describing how DCFS and cops banged on his door, drew their guns on him and his new wife and new baby!!, (i was laughing my ass off when he said this...because maybe the jury gets to see how stupid and incompetent dcfs really is....drawing a gun on a baby...and new I guess all from a referral they received from a doctor. Yeah, he acted really upset describing that but other than that, it was a con job and he had a good coach....cause he could only remember things in key phrases......

    About 15 minutes before 3, Shawn got to CROSS him and oh my gosh, shawn can really give off the aura that he is not just mad, but pissed!! He got about 10-15 minutes into this guy and had to quit early!!!!!! Dammit!!!!! Mr. Mills was trying to say that it was Lina's behavior that got the visitation monitor to deny them services. Come to find out, through Shawn's CROSS, when baby Ryan was screaming "my daddy says you tried to kill me and he wants to get as far away from you as possible", that the provider could and said they wouldn't deal with such a complicated matter....because that monitor had to report it. and did.

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  • I saw the biggest brawl between Shawn and the defense this morning...
    I saw the biggest brawl between Shawn and the defense this morning, before the jury even got in. Do you remember me telling you about the lawyers arguing things outside of the jury"s eyes and ears? Well, from what i could tell this morning, there was a suprise piece of evidence, in the form of a video that the defense brought in just today! And they wanted to show it. ..cause it's only 3 minutes.

    The judge viewed the video privately and grilled the hell out of Shawn over why, something about a 353 reason....and mr. Mcmillan delivered his arguement passionately and humbly.

    I was really impressed with his responses to the judge, passionate yet humble and yep argumentative. The defense was passionate as well but they are not in it to win.....and then you could hear a pin drop when the judge was deciding. ...and this judge really ponders thinks and questions the lawyers.

    After a few minutes and an explanation, the judge ruled the video is not permissible! !! HOOORAH!!!

    YOU guys should have seen it, it was quite intense, the arguments and waiting for the decision.

    The video froze the last 30 seconds, the audience was not able to see it at all, but we were laughing because we figure any file they give out had to be corrupt. ....haha. a joke.

    And up until lunch we have live testimony of the father. back later but it was an outstanding morning win for the plaintiff.

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  • The Wednesday afternoon started with the County, Ms. Swiss, trying to....
    The Wednesday afternoon started with the County, Ms. Swiss, trying to cross Lina by bringing out Lina's own Family Court Declaration. Ms. Swiss made it appear that Lina was not in agreement with Mr. Mills (the father) feeding the baby solid foods; then Ms. Swiss asked her Lina if when she took the child to the arcade, with all of the resulting expenses...if she wanted the county to pay for that via re-imbursement. Lina said yes, because she would not be in that situation if it weren't for the county. The defense asked this question on a number of ordinary expenses, like an easter picture Lina had got during a visit. Kind of made the defense look quite petty, like why are they talking about all this small stuff. I think they were trying to avoid the larger elephant in the room. (there was a 60" picture of Lina, baby ryan and rabbit on screen) The larger elephant being the millions they're going to have to pay out for the LARGER UNEXCUSABLE ABUSES!!!!!

    Then Ms. Swiss tried to argue that DCFS has not been a part of Lina's life since 2010, I guess that was to prove they have no responsibility in any of this.....maybe trying to detach themselves. (i just want to swear here)

    Shawn fixed all that with his quick redirect...the solid baby food that the county said Lina didn't want to feed her son was actually just part of a declaration of other things too in which Lina said that the father did not tell/share with Lina that he was now feeding him solid foods. Since the baby wasn't even sitting up at the time, perhaps someone needed to know.

    Ms. Swiss tried to get Lina to say that her salary has increased, but Lina said her salary decreased; that was explained by the side jobs accountants have and having to give those up in order to focus on the dependency case.

    Ms Swiss tried to get Lina to say that dcfs had no say in family court, making it like Family Court was just an additional court that says Lina doesn't deserve her child.

    Can you imagine these COUNTY whores are sitting there today trying to argue over a probably $50 re-imbursement bill when they owe this woman MILLIONS of dollars? (imo) Makes me mad just thinking about how they are trying to tiptoe away from it.

    Ms. Swiss questioned Lina on how csw Scheele hounded Lina over whether she was pregnant or not. (ok, for some of us, this might fly, but Lina's got a bod and she's a salsa dancer and quite fit, thin and in shape ever since i met her). Ms. Swiss tried to make that seem innocent but if you guys seen Lina's body, you'd know the ugly clown looking blonde was just harassing her.....and made it a point to tell her that the county would have to remove any further children she has because she had an open case.

    The county argued today that because they gave Lina a form, months into the case, in which she marked that English was primary language spoken, that the whole Spanish/English issue was a non issue because she marked English. Lina, via Shawn, explained that she wanted her documents, communication, reports written in English and that's what she was told when she was given the paper...oh "this is just for how you want us to communicate to you", I've heard it myself.

    The day ended with some STIPULATIONS being read out loud by Shawn to the jury. They are STIPULATIONS that someone agreed to, i don't know which side though. They were:

    1. Plaintiff (Lina) has the right to familial association as protected by the constitution?

    2. In 2009 - a Parent and child have the right to familial association.

    3. Due process requires a warrant unless there are exigent circumstances.

    4. In 2009 - baby Ryan Duval was seized without a warrant!

    5. In 2009 - When LA County removed baby Ryan Duval, Ms. rogers, ms. pender, (i think there was another) were carrying out the customs practices of la county?

    6. Rogers, Pender, Balybon, nelson and Scheele were at all times carrying out the policy of the county.

    7. Elba, rogers, pender, nelson, scheeley, smith and egge were practicing customary widespread something.(county policies?)

    8. All of the above named were acting in scope of their duties in the matter of baby Ryan.

    9. No defendants were disciplined for removing the child.

    10-16. Kim Rogers: all times carrying out dependency duties? At all times she was carrying out the customs and practice of ladcfs in the handling of this case. She was at all times acting in performance of duties. On Nov 3, Kim Rogers detained the baby. Kim Rogers made the decision to detain the baby without obtaining a warrant.

    17ish. More than 2 hours had elapsed when ms pender, all times carrying out policy and practices, customs, meaning permanent of well set practices, at all times acting in performance of duties...and that more than two hours had elapsed when the decision to remove was made.

    And then they let the jury out again so they could do the lawyerly things alone amongst themselves with the guy with the black robe. I hope I am giving you good information of what went/goes on in there.redirectexam

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  • The entire morning was spent grilling the plaintiff Lina...
    The entire morning was spent grilling the plaintiff Lina, the grilling consisted of defense counsel chrissy swiss making sentences. ..that. ....have. ...these. ....extra. .....long......pauses... at every third word......Most of the questions had to do with Lena's recollection of details on reports. She had to be prompted by the judge that the question was if she recollected the details.

    Robert Howell was her dependency attorney at one point. The defense was trying to make her detail every document or just coming up with flashy phrases for the jury. between her long pauses. ..


    " there was a number of reasons that the court sustained the petition is it true that the court found you responsible for the failure to thrive?"


    Then we wait. The defense tried to make it clear that the dependency court ruled in the defense's favor. There's that damn dependency court again, no mention of the mass of corruption that goes on there. ...

    Then she brought up family Court and how her appeals were denied. I hope the jury knows all about family Court and how they do whatever dependency court judge's final order says.

    I just yelled at my good friend at lunch. Moody today.

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  • Lets see, this morning i walked in on the plaintiff talking about atunement
    Lets see, this morning i walked in on the plaintiff talking about atunement, an awareness of what's going on and how it is affecting and has affected her life. She spoke of being on the state doj CACI list and how it has/is preventing her from mentoring children, her coaching activities with kids and her inability to volunteer at her own child's school....she also spoke of the stigma attached when others know she does not live with her child...

    She spoke of the visits for eight years that finally grew into an additional every other Saturday recently, the birthday parties where her son was not allowed to eat the cake, the problems she had in disciplining her own child (she can't, it's not allowed) at visits, what to say when your own child tells you that you tried to kill him (father says) at visits. It sounds rough and I just think to myself, these guys are bullies, yep and they do it all the time. They're still doing it to her to this day. It is estimated that Lina will have to pay $75,000-$100,000 just to get the monitor off her visits at family court....and that's just to start.

    Lina files a civil rights complaint in March of 2010 because they would not accommodate her requests to allow a translator in the visits, disallowing her mom to visit because she speaks Spanish and the no singing in Spanish policy. ..besides the other intentional acts they subjected on her. ...the dirty visitation rooms and intentional negative comments they make at us during visiting. in this case Scheele asked her if she felt like a cow because she breastfed.

    Most of the rest of the morning was spent going over the discrimination complaint procedures that occurred in this case. October is when the plaintiff Lina received the letter of determination that substantiated the abuse of her civil rights based on nation of origin and disability discrimination....

    The letter said the matter was thoroughly investigated and complaint substantiated, she had to go to a few meetings with the county civil rights workers during the time before substantiation and make official written out statements etc....and then.......

    She got a call from the Lynne Condon, you know, the suppressor of civil rights in Los Angeles....and Lynne told her that there was no evidence of discrimination. ..based on other characters but that there was evidence based on her Disability!!

    See how they change things. ...

    And then up until lunch shawn and Lina went over a spreadsheet of expenses that have incurred since the final exit order from dependency court in aug of 2010. I heard a big number of about $194,500 and they went through that piece by piece. The worst part in hearing all that is knowing that Lina had paid monitor friends, nurses even willing to monitor but we're rejected by the child's father in order that lina be made to pay for visits. ...

    And she has paid for visits, lots of them, for the past eight years, not even being able to feed or bring any food to visits. ...for 1.5 hours a visit at first, now up to three hours every other Saturday. I feel so bad for her, i feel bad for her cause she lost her parent (dad)the same month i lost my mom. ..while this was going on. ...and as far as paying, she pays with her soul mostly and she's lost a lot,more than anyone deserves to lose.

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  • TDM and Donnie Cox

    I see one brave woman in court today. She is our friend and we will see her get justice. .. The mornings testimony started with the plaintiff Lina taking the stand once again. We had ended a day ago with social services calling the plaintiff into aTDM [team decision meeting] where testimony ended with them taking the baby from Lina's custody. Today, it was upsetting to listen to the truthful testimony of the mother Lina BEGGING various social workers not to take her baby. Sounds like a very biased meeting when ss workers only write the fathers strengths on a white board and intentionally provoke mother and her parents. The reason they told her they took the baby was that he (the baby) was not thriving in her care. So 72 hours later and we all know how those 72 hours go. ....Lina and family, including newly married father (who's first day thought of child was to abort) show up at Edelmans court for the detention hearing.... Here we find the very critical detention report which clearly states that, "mother willfully and intentionally kept food from baby resulting in failure to thrive (ftt)". Another allegation had father failing to protect baby but that was later crossed out by the county. If that isn't intentional maliciousness then i don't know what is. ...and that game the social workers play, working people into a frenzy, working the meeting up into a frenzy, so that they have an condition to swoop in and steal kids. I'm real familiar with that trick. Aren't you? Today there was one ss worker there so far (edit, turns out the new one is a lawyer). Judge wanted Lina to have a break so the next witness was here. His name is Donnie, like Robert Powell. Shawn is pulling out all the guns on these guys and gee I'm just lucky to get to witness some justice and a victim being made WHOLE again. Donnie Cox testimony was freaking fantastic and strong as hell. Have so much more info on him to tell you that will be helpful, but got to go in and watch the rest of the day.

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  • Last Trial Note of the Week

    Last Trial Note of the Week: The jury is out until Tuesday, they are free! Got out a little early and there's no court for jurors tomorrow or for that weird holiday on Monday. You know every time the jurors come in and out of the courtroom, everyone has to stand up and face them and I found there was a lot of non jury action going on in the court room this week between parties. The plaintiff and defense still argue about what can be presented, etc. outside of the juries eyes and ears to the judge. Trial is a lot of work, i think one day Shawn had to leave early to go write up some points and authorities for the days close on one day, so there's much work besides judging going on. There's an entire team working on the trial, Shawn, Prager, King, Chung and Paris and a number of paralegals flittering and flowing around like little butterflies. The other side has about 5 lawyers as well, in and out but the two main lawyers, Gutteres and Chrissy Swiss for the county. I think this is their specialty, defending LA County. Donnie Cox testified late morning. Boy is he good with the words, clear and succinct. He was lead counsel for the Wallace v Spence case (sp), a case that seemed to jump start this growing industry. He specializes, like Shawn, in Civil Rights Law, particularly the 4th amendment (when children are removed without just cause) and the 14th amendment (the right to familial association). He has brought 15-18 wrongful claims to the court that bring to light JUDICIAL DECEPTION and FABRICATION OF EVIDENCE. The first claim was in 2001, he is in Oceanside, Ca. The interesting thing is that he said he gets 10-15 calls per week regarding these types of abuses/lawsuits............and the interesting part is that he takes one case in every 750 cases he hears. Yep, that's 1/750. That's a lot of abuse and civil rights being violated out there. Did you know DCFS supervisor Kim Rogers is involved in another one of these lawsuits as a defendant? Failing to include exculpatory evidence is justification for a claim and common to these cases. He spoke of the Child Abuse Central Index (caci) run by the state Dept. of Justice (DOJ) and said it's a SCARLET LETTER. He said there were two ways to get off the Caci list, one way was to have a "Gomez Hearing", where a hearing officer appointed by social services hears the case and makes judgment. Donnie Cox has never seen or heard of a successful Gomez Hearing. go figure. He forgot to say the second way you can get off the CACI list but it's probably by dying or waiting 100 years. One thing I learned today is that not only are WE listed on the CACI but he said that our children, the supposed VICTIMS are on the child abuse index as well. I'm not sure I heard that right, but yep I did, your children are on this list. He would know, he helped write the appeal in Esther Boyton's Humphries case this last year. Well, that's it for the week. Lina went to her monitored visit in the middle of the afternoon, so we will resume on Tuesday after you guys celebrate that evil Columbus day on Monday, haha

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  • CDSS only Tracks; Paper Tiger Civil Rights at State Level

    I guess they will continue the questioning of the plaintiff Lina on some other day. I doubt they are done and the defendants haven't had a chance to cross her yet. Today i learned in court that the state, California, or CDSS (California department of social services) does not enforce or investigate civil rights claims at all. All they do is assign a claim number and TRACK the case. They can send the file back to county level civil rights units for completion, but they have no decision making duties or powers. I have no idea why that seemed to take all afternoon to say. Even though the state can agree with findings, it doesn't matter because ultimate authority rests with the head snake Lynne Condon!@county level. So in essence and reality, Lynn Condon and no one else in the world gets to decide whether civil rights violations are broken. That's ducking scary. (someone get me a picture please) Also, if someone does NOT have a disability and the agency treats them as if they do or had the perspective that they have a disability, and they suffer discrimination, as Lina did in this case, then that would be a violation of civil rights based on discrimination. She was discriminated against and treated unfairly because they labeled her as having mbp, Munchausen by proxy...and...treated her differently, .in addition to the other abuses i mentioned the other days. The state civil worker, Jaime Uriquizo, had no idea that Linas case had been reversed until a few years later. 3 addendum reports negating the abuse was placed in the file at later dates by the county without the state worker even knowing. Now i call that corruption. ..cdss is impotent. ..and county corrupt as hell.

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  • Lina's Start Testimony

    lunchtime pink
    This mornings testimony started with Lina and we are still there with her. It's lunch but you know it was an emotional morning for lina and emotional for the mothers in the audience we're going back now to hear more testimony and hear the defense question Lina. The courtroom was filled with an unusual amount of social workers there were four there they were smug until the morning break.

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  • Hochstein can no longer substantiate


    The afternoon was spent listening to "readings of depositions" by Lina's team of lawyers. They read the deposition of agent Hochstein, the civil rights department employee who substantiated that Lina's civil rights were indeed violated. The afternoon was spent listening to a reading about how Hochstein got pulled into a meeting and was no longer allowed to substantiate anything without notifying LYNNE CONDON (the head of the snake). Sounds like Lynne had a fit that the civil rights office, which was set up by a FEDERAL law, had the nerve to make a decision without those four civil rights workers?, you know what they do now?, they just take the complaints....and forward them to the head snake LYNNE CONDON. Agent Hochstein spent over FOUR hours talking/discussing/meeting with LYNNE about the LINA DUVAL case. That's a long time, but I guess they had to spend the time to make up the larger story and the larger story is.......that agent HOCHSTEIN was wrong about the substantiation!! They now consider it an interpretation error and LYNNE demanded/wanted the "findings" amended!!! And she did get them amended with the collusion of another county worker, dr. sanders.... Dr. Sanders has no balls and amended the report to say that Lina's rights had NOT been violated. While the county was in the midst of amending their report, gathering cowardly colleagues to back up their corruption, LINA DUVAL never received a letter that said the charges were reversed. That proves civil rights complaints are just a bunch of shyt when it comes to LA COUNTY. Please start complaining to the FEDS. After that depo reading, Prager (shawn team lawyer) and Kimber also did a reading of agent Hochstein. Lina's got good lawyers, Prager, King and Shawn....

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  • Train was Late
    nash drawnash stand

    Train was late this morning but got there in time to see expert Dr. Safer. She said that if policies arent reinforced with follow up training or consequences for not following them, employees will go back to doing what they did before. Reminds me of the ICWA laws that dint get followed thereby emasculating itself.

    Speaking of emasculization, the famous presiding judge of la testified next. I had to revert to drawing him. What you think? See why i never became an artist. I found him at lunch being stood up.

    His testimony again angered me, just when they legitimize that whole corrupt juvenile dependency system out here.

    In 1999, a mandate was issued to the county regarding social workers removing children without a warrant. It said that under the 14th and 4th amendment, ss workers need a warrant to remove children barring exigent circumstances. JUDGE MICHAEL NASH didn't get around to issuing a memo to his court employees until 10 YEARS LATER. The rest of the time he spent lying his ass off on the stand, creating some fantasy world where families are treated fairly. ...except i don't think that worked. SHAWN had questions squashed his little stories.

    Shawn:why is it important that the government adhere to warrant Requirements?

    JUDGE Nash: I'm not sure what you mean when talking about warrant requirements.

    Ya,that was the executive director (wants to be called czar) of the office of child protection said that.

    He also made it very clear that ss workers should be putting facts in their reports for no other reason than to justify the removal. Shawn also spanked the judge on trying to make it appear that these judgements can be fixed and modified by the courts through a 388 filling. Well we know that's just not true when the case is closed.

    I sure hope the jury can figure it out. There are no (speakable) remedies for us burned by the system, maybe we get to watch a good lawsuit like this one though

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  • Dr Egge

    hall of justice

    This morning at court we continue to listen to the reading of the deposition of Lynn Bowles Condon. As you may or may not know she is the person most knowledgeable about La counties procedures and is the head of three departments one being the Civil Rights unit of DCFS. I think what was discovered from her testimony was that DCFS does not enforce any policies they have on warrants nor have anyofthem ever heard of anyone being disciplined for not following policies on removing children.

    Turns out the only place you can complain about DCFS is to their own civil rights unit which we now know is run by Lynn Condon.

    the second person we heard from this morning was video testimony of a doctor Melissa egge. I think this woman's whole demeanor would anger most of you I thought she was arrogant I thought she had no upper lip I thought she had a spider in her mouth that was trying to get out but so far I see dr. Melissa Egge as the absolute cause and continuation in the Civil Rights and other abuses of this case.

    During the time they removed Lina's son Dr. Egge was still in training not even board certified yet. She looks guilty as hell.

    What I found out about her testimony was that she acted with extreme bias towards Lina and especially in her relationship with the father, she not only tracked the court hearing dates but would only communicate with the father by email and phone and not include Lina.

    Dr. Eggies video testimony laid out how biased she really was and Sam the lawyer did a great job of questioning her. It was also found that dr. Egge opposed an MRI and genetic testing but seem to be open to that idea from the father ONLY after the dependency case had been closed.

    Also interesting was the fact that dr. EGGE sent an email to the father which indicated she had an interest in "fattening up the baby before their final trial" in dependency Court. GOING BACK FOR MORE.

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  • Lynne Condon Boat Building

    The last deposition reading of the day was short but probably had the most important content in it. They depo'ed an employee of Lynn Condon, someone who is supposed to be most knowledgeable on discipline and efforts to produce compliance. Lynn Condon seems to be a big boss of DCFS la county. Wanda Hazel (boss-dept human resources manager)
    Lynn Condon
    units under Lynn are:

    Labor Relations, Performing Management, Civil Rights Section

    That's a lot to be the big boss of. Did you know there are only about 100 discipline action letters per year by LA DCFS? She also said that 99% of the complaints are that must mean there are 10,000 complaints per year? Well there are only 4 civil rights people working in the civil rights department. strange figures.

    So anyways, whoever sent the letter to Lina substantiating the abuse of Duval's civil rights got pulled into a meeting! They (civil rights workers) are no longer allowed to substantiate and transmit anything without Lynn Condon's approval. What kind of xxxx is that?

    They mentioned a previous investigation where civil rights abuse(s) were substantiated ONLY when DCFS got the DNA evidence. I think i know what case they were talking about, it was when a DCFS investigator slobbered on a mother's bra, while the mother was under investigation. That ss worker's name was Eddie Lorghaba and he was in the paper out here for doing that.

    Does everyone know that DCFS has it's own risk management office called INTERNAL AFFAIRS? Yeah, they investigate themselves. Sounds like a cover up office.

    The testimony was that in her 14 years, there has never been any discipline of any employee for failing to obtain a warrant to remove a child. (so they're human poachers IMO)

    Investigator Hochstein investigated the Duval abuses.

    Case carrying supervisor Scheele disregarded Lina's requests and suggested Lina's tremors were due to the stress of taking care of a baby. She also transmitted this info to everyone on the planet.

    The subject of investigation, Candace Nelson, who was the social worker on the case wrote that Lina had possible MBP, incorrectly diagnosing her with Munchausen By Proxy (mbp).... and because of this her family has suffered (and still suffering IMO) a delay of services/tests and treated differently. As a result of her writing this and transmitting it, the COURT has only allowed Lina MONITORED visits for the last EIGHT years.....

    She lost a house cause she has to pay for every visit too. She lost friends and support as well (social).

    The investigation revealed that supervisor Scheele CONTINUED to document Lina's disability (tremors) as ANXIETY due to having to care for her baby....not tstemming from the disability she has.

    There were about 10-15 statements in this deposition that I couldn't keep up with, but they were things like, "All subjects of investigation indicated they did not have the professional licenses to make a diagnosis", "Nelson failed to follow dcfs policy when she wrote MBP as a possible disorder".

    Well, now you see why I never became a reporter....really interesting transcripts, hope i get my hands on em one day....the transcripts I mean............ :-)

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  • This morning we saw Dr. Weinraub
    dr weinraub
    This morning we saw Dr. Weinraub, called for the plaintiff. He's a board certified pediatrician. He was on the 730 panel, which i think is a pool of doctors that the courts, etc can call in to do the psychological evaluations. I think h he has spent over 1000 hours on the case.

    He looked over dcfs' Dr. Berkowitz evaluation of baby Ryan (Lina's baby)and found that Dr. Berkowitz said that the failure to thrive diagnosis was Intrinsic, meaning it was not caused by outside factors or forces..... that was very revealing mostly because it is not true on any other reports which attribute it to environmental factors. ...but you know dcfs and how they lie. The doctor also brought up how it could be that baby Ryan has a genetic condition, but of course dcf refuses those tests for him too. They want to stick with blaming Lina,at the price the child has to pay. 

    Then we saw a short film of the head medical director for los Angeles dcfs, Dr. Charles Sophy... he is a bone doctor, who knows how he got his 225k per year job. the bone doctor in charge of children said Munchausen by proxy was a form of "factitious disorder". He didn't look very competent at all. 

    After lunch there was a series of readings of depositions. The first was of a Lynette Morgan Nichols, who works for the civil rights unit for the STATE, not county. This is called CDSS. They take complaints regarding the 7,000 la dcfs employees. They mail people a form when they complain. But it did work in this Case for lina, they investigated and substantiated the civil rights violations in this case. 

    There is more i will tell you about later, lots more, but i will tell you later, gotta unwind and get off bus soon.

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  • Three Witnesses called in the Afternoon

    affirmative duty la county corruption
    Three (i think) witnesses were called in the afternoon:

    Thursday afternoon testimony from a Monique Bustos, up front assessor, employed by Hillsides, had/has contract with DCFS to do assessments. You know, after they take our kids, they send an assessor over. I guess in Los Angeles, that means you're going to get a DIAGNOSIS!! No one leaves alive without one I guess. So you can be a perfectly normal, healthy and well developed human being, but if DCFS gets you assessed, you WILL be diagnosed with a disorder!!!

    Three months out of grad school and they turn em loose on us. They can make a diagnosis but it has to be "signed off" by a supervisor. Sounds just like the social worker and supervisor, in which the supervisor does not validate any part of the report, just signs.

    The second expert testimony was from another doctor named Dr. Charles Miesen, an expert child neurologist. He ripped the DCFS doctor, wrote the head judge of LA County (nash, at the time) and said, "It's unbelievable to me" that LA County didn't order a simple genetics test. He also called the hotline to report that the baby was in jeopardy. Guess what DCFS did with that?

    Nothing.(to this day)

    And the third person I saw testifying today was an Amy Sanchez from Hillsides, a Division Director. She said that Hillsides was contracted with DCFS and are paid through title iv-e funds. She said that if an assessor didn't come up with a diagnosis, that they would not put that fact in the report....but sure sounds like everyone gets a diagnosis!!

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  • The Best Doc Robert Budine

    Today I found out the name of the doctor that couldn't talk because he was so filled with emotion, made me and some others cry too. His expert name is Dr. Robert Budine (sp), he's out of Pomona, Ca and has been a doctor since a few years after he left the war in Vietnam. 

    So he was very very experienced. I wish I could go see him. I wish anyone who has had their child taken by DCFS could see him. He had very important testimony. He had the intelligence and foresight to write his own declaration regarding a call from a supervisor at DCFS who let him know that it "wasn't going to end well" regarding Lina's case.
    Yep, a SS super called and told him pretty much, sounds like she already knew that Lina wouldn't be getting her child anyways, this wonderful doctor had the good sense to write his own declaration then and there that described that contact with the SS worker....and guess what??????
    The social worker didn't remember making that call at all nor did she log it in her DSL notes. (delivered service logs) TOTALLY BUSTED!!

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  • Re: Duval vs la county

    Re:Duval vs la county

    This morning the jury heard video testimony of CSW (family re-uni worker and visitation monitor) Scheele. She was cold as ice and I'm sure the jury saw that. She was argumentative on tape too. It seems la county substantiated csw Scheele civil rights violations (there were two) on Lina Duval. The violations were based on her nationality origin and disability.

    The letter that substantiated the civil rights violations on Lina was delivered to this supervisor and that's as far as any consequences went for her.she never had to take any trainings or suffered any kind of consequences by the Los Angeles County.

    Smug ass morning. This screwed-up supervisor also decided to diagnose Lena with Munchausen by proxy and other personality disorders she wrote those and reports.

    The rest of the morning was spent reading a deposition from I believe Tika Smith, who was Candace Nelson's direct supervisor. Lucky they broke for lunch, i was having thoughts, lol.

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  • Emotional Court Testimony

    Today has been emotional day at court so far. The testimony of 
    Julian Dominguez and a psychotherapist really got to me. Hearing professional phrases like "confirmation bias" and systemic bias both validate and sadden me. Anyone who has been abused by Dcfs should see this trial. It will confirm your nightmares. Gotta go catch the other half.

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  • A Court Hallway sign

    individuals soliciting
    Waiting in the hallway for the trial to resume.

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  • Waiting in the Hallway for the TRIAL to resume Duval v LAcounty
    hallways stanley mosk la corruption
    Long hallways at the court house. Here watching. Somewhere on the 2nd floor. The hallway is about a football field long.
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  • Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept. Refuse to Cooperate in Gabriel Fernadez Case
    Written on Friday, 29 July 2016 03:45 in Blog Be the first to comment! Read 380 times
  • H.R. 5456
    Written on Wednesday, 15 June 2016 21:13 in Blog Be the first to comment! Read 541 times
  • Los Angeles Social Workers FAIL to even Support Each Other
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  • Lawmakers Block Last Minute Efforts to Make Child Death Records a Secret
    Written on Monday, 30 May 2016 00:00 in Blog Be the first to comment! Read 658 times
  • Lois Henry Article
    Written on Saturday, 28 May 2016 00:00 in Blog Be the first to comment! Read 518 times
  • Bad River Tribe
    Written on Tuesday, 02 December 2014 00:00 in Blog Be the first to comment! Read 1660 times
  • Beth Minor and Freddie Krueger on Halloween

    los-angeles-beth-minor-dcfs-corrupt-trainerKind of board tonight, should be working on a few databases or something. This is Beth Minor, supposedly the one most knowlegeable in los angeles about dcfs policies and procedures, but yet I heard her in a training encouraging non profits to "come on in" so they can discuss options in the big plan to partner with the community. What this piece of shyt is doing is buying organizations in exchange for agreeing and cooperating with their fucked up agenda.

    Written on Saturday, 01 November 2014 00:00 in Blog
    Tags: Beth Minor
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  • 355 Objection



    Written on Wednesday, 22 October 2014 00:00 in Blog Be the first to comment! Read 1432 times
  • Legally Kidnapped Book by Carlos Morales out for FREE


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  • Nuts and Bolts - Shawn McMillan Workshop Audio/Video

    Well, glad they got this audio/video of the workshop in Sacramento last Saturday.

    Written on Wednesday, 22 October 2014 00:00 in Blog Be the first to comment! Read 1801 times
  • Just a kickstart October 2014

    I wonder where Mercy Moore and that Lawrence guy went. Seems they both came at me and tried to suck me into that Ruby Ridge rosie vincent crap again. This must prove it cause I haven't heard from them in a few weeks and seems to me the only thing they both did was try and get me riled up at her, whoever the fuck "her" is, rosie dozy im so nosy vincent. One of them wanted me to call cps on her and said now we had to get her or something....and the other guy Lawrence, he said the same thing....they were bogus.


    I've been doing more original art, I get so sick of seeing the same meme's on facebook. Also Jenna died and that is probably the saddest thing I've heard in a long time. I think it was liver failure, comes with the lifestyle I guess. Now that I think of it, I think this is my 3rd facebook friend to die. She was such a character, demanded so much time, now I wish I had spent more time with her.....

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  • Blog Advocate Study

    So, I guess, I'll just start using this site as my blog. Some things just shouldn't go on facebook, facebook is a highway. The Bureau of Indian Affairs is calling and wants to settle my mother's estate or something. I always get worried for me and my brother, seems like another thing they can do to us is say we don't belong to our mother. I guess we'll have to wait and see, but I have grown to NOT trust the government or wasichu. I am not long for this world I am sure. Can't live like this for too long. blah blah blah.

    Written on Tuesday, 23 September 2014 00:00 in Blog 13 comments Read 20728 times
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